Workshop on Capacity building and leadership development of Muslim women

‘Workshop on Capacity building and leadership development of Muslim women for owning and managing resources

July 11th-12th 2007, Lucknow, UP India


The prologue

More than 15000 women in my village do not have any right on land; they will work as mere labor force in their own land. So how could we get rights from within the family, when they themselves say ‘what is my husband’s is mine’. Men were selling off land and only small portions of land are left for the community to survive. Now men have cell phones and motor bikes out of the sale of our land.  Women have no say in retaining the family resources and are beaten if they raise questions on the issue.. There is a woman in my village called Angoori whose husband is missing for last 8 years. The piece of land in her husband’s name is the only source of livelihood support for bringing up her three daughters. Angoori has been asking panachayat for transfer of land on her name as she has the possession of this land, but the pradhan says “how can I give land to you? What will I say when your husband returns”.

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