Sathi All For Partnerships

SAFP promotes partnerships to  develop a locally articulate  rights and responsibilities culture. SAFP initiatives engage with people who want to work towards creating sustainable solutions to issues that affect them. We have worked with youth, women, children, elderly and those recovering from mental illness.

We believe that each person has the power to change their circuamstances and when they get to doing so, partners join in to co create the change. we have worked to make people incharge of their capability to influence more people, invoking the state obligations and civil society involvement. Thus building partnerships has been our work so far. SAFP has promoted initiatives relevant to local context encouraging communities to participate and construct indicators towards realization of their rights while understanding their responsibilities.SAFP identifies marginalized groups to establish strategic partnerships to create an enabling environment:
  • Spread awareness of Economic Social Cultural Rights,nurture
  • Conducts leadership & capacity building training
  • Fosters partnerships to advocate solutions
  • Lobby training and campaigns
Two areas of work include 1) Enabling Inclusion for Mental Health and wellness (EIMH and wellness) for details click.SAFP and mental health 2014 and 2) Resource increase advocacy and training : Women’s Land and Resource Right Agenda lends empowerment. The search for a lasting solution is linked with women getting their share of resources within village and ward level planning, besides demanding share in family inheritance. SAFP text for inclusion in all political parties manifestos 2013.

including all in every work we do to build capacity

1909900_1431652940455937_5547048569175350658_nAdvocating for solution in partnership with our constituency – Girls, Women, Youth and the Elders

Promoting well being through advise on how gender and ability gaps can be addressed 017






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