Marginalized Dalit community negotiates relocation ILC report, 2016.

Dalits living on the banks of a river in Village Semra UP,India, had their homes and field washed away in flood waters. With the help of ILC member SDF they were able to claim land after displacement. SAFP documented this struggle to bring out nuances and the issues around displacement due to river floods.

Activating the National Human Rights Commission to secure land and homes for Muhasar people. ILC 2016


The Social Development Foundation (SDF) sent a petition to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of India to solicit food and housing rights for the Muhasars, one of the poorest Scheduled Castes (SCs) in Udayapura village, Uttar Pradesh. Thanks to continuous advocacy during four years, the district administration’s attitude changed. Not only land for housing, food subsidies and schooling was provided to the villagers, but also services such as electricity, water and sanitation. SAFP researched this case study for International Land Coalition (ILC) contracted by IFAD.


IFAD Consultancy Case Study by S Kotnala Landless farmers turn wasteland 2016

425 landless farmers turned wasteland into into cultivable land in Telengana, Andhra Pradesh In India. Sunita Gupta Kotnalla documents this struggle for ILC and SDPPA in 2016

In 20 years, 425 poor landless tenant farmers in the villages of Telangana State, India, transformed 1400 acres
of infertile and idle wasteland into cultivable land using dryland farming. Realising the potential of the improved
land, the absentee landlords tried to reclaim the land by threatening the tenants with eviction. Following a
considerable struggle with the landlords, the farmers’ collective, with the support of SDDPA, successfully
negotiated the registration of land in the name of 395 families. The security of tenure for the farmers has
prevented the loss of livelihoods, enhancing agricultural and environmental sustainability in the area.