SAFP Consulting

Pranjali Malhotra coordinated a research supported by Ministry of Women and Child. She also is a certified counsellor. Contact her at for programme development, research assignments. mental health support group or for counselling service.

Dr. Shivani Bhardwaj and Deepika Nair along with Amod Khanna consult with Caritas India. They developed a safeguarding framework and implementation guidelines for the organisation. Safe guarding is required in all organisations and SAFP can be contacted for developing similar work in your organisation. Contact or

Aditya Yatri developed the aftercare guidelines for the State of Maharashtra. You may contact him for similar work in your state. Contact him at

Sunita Gupta Kotnala is SAFP Advisor based in Sydney Australia. She works  at international platforms to  research and advocate for SAFP vision and values and takes on consultancies with SAFP team. Contact her at The link gives an over view of her work with us.

Dr. Sudeshna Roy is an SAFP Associate since 2019. A seasoned researcher, she shares her expertise in statistical analysis, content and report writing for SAFP as well as other organizations. She represents SAFP at public forums to advocate for the right of the workers and women from the margins.  Read an article by Dr. Sudeshna here Contact her at