SAFP advocacy for gender inclusive governance  A solution towards gender inclusive governance

International Land Coalition 


SAFP conceptualization of the gender resource gap Land right for women planning inclusion to address GRG  December 2013

SAFP presentation on sustainable development zone at the world bank land conference, Washington  WB paper march 20,

Women and democratic management of peace and resources, Palestinian Women and Land Right  , a paper presented at Ramallah

SAFP Training

SAFP training manual for DACAAR Afghanistan Sector Wide Gender Mainstream upload

As member of National Alliance of Labor Rights:

SAFP contributes to a quarterly magazine shramik duniya final , Shramik Duniya 2013 (2) and to organize meetings for advocacy on migration issues and well being of unorganised sector workers  NALR presentation on migrant workers

SAFP advocacy on waste workers SAFP AIKMM comment to MoU

As a member of CWLR  SAFP undertakes advocacy

Advocacy for gender urban plan PM letter of Advocacy for Ajalaa Note August 5  a concept developed in partnerships with Urbanscape and JWP

Women Resource Zone in a rural area Next steps for Rural wrz september 14 2013

SAFP evaluation and documentation of the work of TAAL, Bhopal  Taal report sept 30

Brochure on sustainable development zone concept SDGEZ