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  • March 27,2009 Delhi Consultation

    SAFP organised this event to hear excluded women from five locations in Delhi on their resource rights. IGSSS supporeted this event and UNIFEM as well as SAFP partners presented cases to a government representataive.

  • Workshop on Capacity building and leadership development of Muslim women

    We expect that this workshop will provide us guidance on how to work for the resource rights of these women and train us to lobby with the local authorities and government on the agenda” stated Nazma, who works on Muslim Women’s resource rights with Disha Samajik Sanstha in Dhakrani, Uttaranchal

  • National Workshop on Tribal Women’s Right over Land and Livelihood Resources

    A three day national consultation with the support of Ministry of Tribal Affairs was organized from 26th – 28th February, 07 at Jan Vikas Kendra, Patel Bagan, Sunder Nagar, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Ministry of Tribal Affairs sanctioned the proposal submitted by Consult for Women and Land Rights (CWLR) members and Sathi All For Partnerships.

  • National Workshop on Tribal Women Land Rights

    A regional consultation was organized by National Commission for Women in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India on 8th and 9th of August 2006 at HPDC, Bahu Bazar. The National Commission for Women responded to a proposal submitted by CWLR (Consult for Women and Land Rights) members including GLRF, Sathi all for partnerships.