Enabling Inclusion for Mental Health

Mental Wellness 16996162_10155110889403760_839357305383430022_n

In 2017, SAFP implemented what it set out to do in its planning .Get to know what we were thinking as SAFP work on mental health 2014 November . SAFP trained itself to set up a club house to improve mental health through self help. SEVAC Calcutta helped us understand basic issues through this presentation on the Clubhouse model of work which is being shared here for others to replicate this effort any where else.

SAFP has a web resource for metal illness called HUM SATHI translated into English it means we are together.

Join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/humsathi/

We share here two presentation from our recent work with the Love Your Neiborhood campaign

Concerns of Elderly , Dementia and ARDSI-Mayur vihar  LYN event at Bhagwatdham