SAFP Experience since 2004

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Sathi all for Partnerships (SAFP) believes that resources of the world belong to all living beings and for each to live in dignity roles and responsibilities need to be revised and reorganised. Un equal distribution in resource share has led to disharmony and this could be rectified by planning and advocacy with compassion and collaboration.

For more information please click on Sathi all for Partnerships information FLYER November 2014, power point presentation on  SAFP – an overview.   and SAFP information brochure 2014

SAFP is working on two critical themes (i) woman’s access to resources and (ii) well-being especially of those with psycho social disorders to live a life with dignity.  Our belief in positive thought promotes specific action . For the next ten years a plan will guide SAFP work to find solutions to the multiple challenges faced especially in multi cultural urban settings.

SAFP seeks support to develop SCAN ( Safe Care Aware Neighborhoods). Work  in east Delhi has begun  to co create activities that get the young girls and boys and elders to work together on community projects that have potential to build skills for financial empowerment.  The project helps build a missing leadership of young girls in the process. The project will apply a community capacity building and skills development model to empower participants and increase their resourcefulness.SAFP vision for work is explained in this power point presentation SCAN Oct 2014


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