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Resource gap needs to be addressed to foster inclusion. We work on solutions to reduce gaps to skill communities in contributing towards sustainability.

SAFP  Focus areas are:

  1. Partnering with women on the margins to increase resources
  2. Supporting Youth Leaving Care
  3. Advocacy and safe guarding for children and vulnerable adults

Annual reports and compliance information


Santhal tribal women in Jamtara facilitated by Badlao Foundation have constructed a meeting hall that they as well as members of the community use. They manage this building with support of the panchayat. Similar infrastructure should be managed by women in groups to address Gender Resource Gap (GRG). SAFP consulting assist groups to develop strategies to understand and address GRG.
Mental health and wellbeing is fostered through social relationships. SAFP has facilitated people to connect with each other through its activities and campaigns like love your neighbourhood and wellness activities like club house that get together those who empower themselves out of their vulnerabilities. In particular we work with women and girls who have suffered trauma of family break down and community exclusion. The article below is an example of one such strategy.


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