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In strengthening partnerships SAFP trained primitive Baiga and Gond tribal women in Bilaspur on invitation of Narachna in May 2023. Women were trained on gender resource equality and they resolved to set up their Jungle bank to strengthen their resource base as a collective.

Ms Deepa Chaudhary from SAFPtraining tribal women invited by Navrachna

The training in Bilaspur was a step further from the training on gender resource equality as work ordained by Traid craft UK in June 2022.

A young peoples team comprising of members from SAFP constituency is part of SAFP Board as invitees since January 2, 2022.

Work on women and enterprise development was strengthened through the year with waste workers, garment workers and with food producers. SAFP completed the end line evaluation for a woman enterprise programme for Karuna Trust UK group and worked with individual women on development of their own legacy to be people in their own right.

Santhal tribal women in Jamtara facilitated by Badlao Foundation have constructed a meeting hall that they as well as members of the community use. They manage this building with support of the panchayat. Similar infrastructure should be managed by women in groups to address Gender Resource Gap (GRG). SAFP consulting assist groups to develop strategies to understand and address GRG.
Mental health and wellbeing is fostered through social relationships. SAFP has facilitated people to connect with each other through its activities and campaigns like love your neighbourhood and wellness activities like club house that get together those who empower themselves out of their vulnerabilities. In particular we work with women and girls who have suffered trauma of family break down and community exclusion. The article below is an example of one such strategy.

Addressing the Challenges and Agency of Youth Leaving Care in India during Covid-19