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SAFP safeguarding handbook 2020

Middle Age Women Research Project Report JMI by Sabiha Hussain,Prajali Malhotra et all 

Women Labor Force Participation Gap by S Bhardwaj

Muhsars or Rat eaters Land right By S Bhardwaj et all IFAD consultancy

Land Rights Case Study S Kotnala et all IFAD consultancy

Embedding Gender Resource Gap by Rajashree Ghosh, Shivani Bhardwaj and Sunita Kotnala UNDP Urban Poor Report consultancy

BONWE5062 (3)
Gender Planning in Smart Cities- social policy implications

CYZN0954 (3)

Sunita Kotnala
Presenting SAFP work on SDGs to Vedica Scholars Program
Learning to use Tools
IMG_5095 (2) Skill Development in carpentry

News of SAFP interest


SAFP  Youth for Women and Habitat Campaign, revitalized the walk “Claim your city by night ” The walk in Delhi during the Human Rights week began in 2009 with Emmanuel Paris Cohen Taking the lead. Shreya Talukdar carried on the tradition to organize the walk on Dec 6, 2010. More details: ever since this is an annual feature to train young girls and boys to work together to make the city safe. Swaritta dutta and Nitin Abhishekh took this walk to local levels in 2011. Then on wards different groups are organising it themselves .

SAFP in news for its dalit study report finding

Migrant rights are human rights for SAFP. Migration and labor resource centres managed by women is a way forward towards inclusion.


Special report: Imparting Hope: Unique experiment gives land use right to women

volume number 2, issue 10, january 2010

the hindu

The Hindu: Maintenance of parents Act: rules framed for effective implementation

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