Category: Publications

  • Marginalized Dalit community negotiates relocation ILC report, 2016.

    Dalits living on the banks of a river in Village Semra UP,India, had their homes and field washed away in flood waters. With the help of ILC member SDF they were able to claim land after displacement. SAFP documented this struggle to bring out nuances and the issues around displacement due to river floods.

  • Understanding Interstitial Spaces to fill gender resource gaps

    This article was presented at a seminar called Karvan I Fikqr organised by Department of Sociology Jamia Milllia Islamia (JMI)University in 2012. Student co traveler from Architecture Department of JMI Ms Sana Fatma presented this paper on behalf of SAFP and Equal Saree representing the youth for women and habitat campaign ownership of the process.…