2017- 2020

Report of Amphan Relief Project Aug 2020.docxRehab amphan

Aftercare vision of work 2020 for SAFP

NHRC consultation on Domestic Workers

Women recommendations on LNOB Summit December 2019

All India Convention of Women Leaders 19 Sept 2019

Remembering Rajni Tilak March 30 2019

Work on Youth Leaving Care by Aditya Yatri

2011 -2014

The Constructive Discourse on Gender Equality

Report walk 2013

Parmarth hindi flyer

Understanding Interstitial Spaces to fill gender resource gaps

2007- 2010

Decentralization and local governance

Case stories : Subhadra, Hira and Ranjini’s stories were documented to understand what it takes for women to work on their on resource increase.

Youth for women and habitat report

SAFP meets Nepal Parliamentarians on Gender Equal land reform in Nepal

UNIFEM project brief 

A Report on Women’s Right in Rajasthan

Delhi consultation report on Women Resource Right  brief-rpt-on-march-27-Delhi-consultation-on-wrr

2008 – 2007

Women’s Caucus WUF Nanjing

Status on women and Land Rights in Madhya Pradesh