Working With Workers

SAFP supports the people whose daily work takes care of India.

Work with Unorgaised Sector Workers


SAFP has been one of the core members of the National Alliance for Labor Rights and as a part of this partnership it has worked with workers of different sectors and attended meetings to develop the alliance through the following activities


Work with waste workers


SAFP continued to work with waste workers organization and linked the leadership of the workers in its activities related with its other thematic areas of work. SAFP  priority in this work was to focus on policy change and to demonstrate action activities through awareness campaigns. Toward this SAFP staff member Mr Shashi Bhushan coordinated different activities with waste workers in Delhi as well as organized consultation and awareness campaign in neighborhoods of Rithala, Rohini Sector 16, Takiya Kale Khan, Cannought Place, Veveknand Camp Chanakya Puri, Gazipur, Seemapuri and Chilla Village well as national level. The campaign emphasized waste management of kitchen waste through door to door campaign to make compost pits such that manure can be made for greening the residential areas. Mr Bhushan worked with “Love your Neihborhood” to begin work with resident welfare associations through a partnerships. All these activities were done to empower waste collectors for social and environmental concerns. This work was supported by Fund For Global Human Rights and International Partners in Mission

REPORT 23rd National Green Assembly