HIC-Women and Habitat Network

SAFP  as a member of Habitat International Coalition (HIC) contributed much in the decade past. It was the Coordinator International Secretariat for HIC – Women and Habitat Network see http//hic-net.org . The internet has made online participation possible but this has also widened distance between members on a one on one basis.
Women and Shelter Network
Source: HIC GS (07-08-2007)

The Women and Shelter Network (HIC-WAS) is a group of organisations that recognize the particular struggle of women in accessing land and housing and in participating in all aspects of human settlements development. Member organizations support and work with low-income communities, and link to provide mutual capacity-building and solidarity both regionally and globally. The network has developed initiatives highlighting and strengthening women’s participation in the struggle for land and urban services, and has had a formal consulting relationship with UN Habitat since 1989.

The network is composed of initiative centers that actively promote the objectives and activities of the network through concrete work in their respective countries. These designate a regional or sub-regional reference centre that together form the Women and Shelter Group, the directing body of the network. The group formulates policies and designates the International Secretariat to facilitate and support the network’s activities.

Membership is open to all organizations and individuals addressing issues of human settlements who have or want to develop a focus on women.